Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Grunta – preservation of a rural monument

Project developer:

The Roman Catholic Parish - Archdeaconry of Kutná Hora

Project number:


Target audience:

Children and youth (0-17 years), Public

A project partner from a donor country:

Den norske kirke, Kirkeradet

Project partner from the Czech Republic:

Municipality of Grunta, Museum and Heritage Association "Včela Čáslavská", Two-Year Catholic High School and Kindergarten, St. James Church Kindergarten in Kutná Hora


In the process (05/2021 – 04/2024)

Total expenses:

CZK 42.813.380

Amount of grant:

CZK 38.532.042 (90 %)

Project location:

Central Bohemia Region

The aim of the project is the preservation of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Grunta, which is an important neo-Romanesque cultural monument and one of the largest and most valuable rural buildings of this type. The main cause of the problem is the state of disrepair of this monument. The church is fundamentally structurally damaged. The most artistically interesting and valuable part of the church is its interior wall painting, which is unparalleled in the Czech countryside.

The preservation of the church consists in carrying out construction and restoration work, which will lead to the restoration of the church, which will primarily stabilize the subsoil and foundations to prevent the spread of static defects and possible subsequent collapse. The rafters of the nave, presbytery and towers will be repaired and the roofing on the towers will be made of brass. The damp masonry in the interior in the plinth area will now be rehabilitated, the exterior façade will be restored to the extent necessary for the structural protection of the masonry, and cracks in the walls, arches and floor will be repaired. The stone elements in the interior, the apex crosses, the stained glass windows on the façade will be restored. The interior wiring and lighting will be reconstructed. The church will also have electronic and fire safety systems. The interior painting will be restored.

We aim to make the cultural wealth of our country accessible and presentable to the local community and the wider public in cooperation with our partner municipality Grunta. We will implement a bilateral activity with the Norwegian partner in the form of cooperation on the topic of opening the church as a religious building for all and its new use in the conditions of contemporary society. With the contribution of the partners St. James Church Kindergarten in Kutná Hora and the Two-Year Catholic High School and Kindergarten, we will create educational programmes aimed at engaging children and youth as an important part of preserving cultural heritage and contributing to national and cultural identity. In partnership with the Museum Association "Včela Čáslavská " we will implement a lecture and leaflet to raise awareness about the cultural monument, its restoration and support from EEA funds.


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