St Barbara’s Cathedral

St Barbara’s Cathedral is the second most visited church in the Czech Republic. It has always been a symbol of the town and still is the most famous Kutna Hora building. It is considered to be the most original cathedral-type church in Europe with a ring of chapels around the main altar. Also the view of the outer decorations is stunning. The building has become an expression of former wealth and power of the town.

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St James‘ Church


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St James‘ church is the oldest Kutna Hora church. Its construction started in 1330. It was originally devoted to Virgin Mary, that’s why it was also called „Upper“, because there was another Virgin Mary’s church in the town as well. Later it was re-devoted to St James‘  the Apostle, but still called „Tall church“ due to its appearance. Now you can feel the spiritual atmosphere when visiting  this church and calm down when breathing the silent air.

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Church of Our Lady „Na Náměti“

Church of Our Lady „Na Náměti“, earlier called „Lower“ was established probably on the spot of former silver-miner’s chapel before the year 1357 and was places outsider the town fortifications. First, the construction was financed by selling silver ore. When visiting the church you can see the tomb of the most famous Czech painter of Baroque times, Petr Brandl.

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